The costs for a driving school and getting a driver’s license are different, but usually very high. A learner driver must expect at least 1,500 to 2,000 dollars. If the corresponding income or reserves are not available, there are opportunities to take out a loan for the driving school taking certain aspects into account.

Financing of driving license and driving school

Financing of driving license and driving school

People such as schoolchildren, trainees, single parents or even the unemployed often do not have the money for a driver’s license. However, the need for a driver’s license is not a question in many situations, such as practicing a profession. Not only driving hours, special trips and theoretical lessons have to be included in the costs, but also first aid courses, eye tests, administration costs and fees from public offices, basic fees, teaching material and examination fees.

The exact amount of the costs also depends, for example, on the respective driving school and the federal state. The taking up of a loan for the driving school represents a small loan due to the amount. The granting of a loan for the completion of a driver’s license also depends on the creditworthiness, creditworthiness and possible collateral, as with other loans. If a lender has no security or no guarantee of getting his money back, no loan will be approved.

In many professions and commercial activities, however, a driver’s license is required because it is necessary for the job to be carried out. A driver’s license increases the likelihood of getting a (better) job, especially for the unemployed, apprentices and low-wage earners. Banks, credit institutions and reputable lenders on the Internet have specialized in this situation and calculate possible loans despite a low-income living situation. Driving schools themselves are not allowed to grant loans, but they are free to defer payments that are due.

For a certain amount of cost, many driving schools grant a deferral of payment for a fixed period of time. In addition to commercial loan providers, there is also the option of asking private individuals such as acquaintances or relatives (relatives’ credit) for a loan. It is not uncommon for these to not require (high) interest rates like a bank.

Ways to get a loan for the driving school

Ways to get a loan for the driving school

Even with the lowest income, it may be possible to get a driver’s license loan. A quote from the driving school can be used to roughly calculate how much money has to be borrowed. A part can or may already be saved and a small part can be raised from the current monthly income. The employment office also provides grants under certain conditions. A loan for the driving school can be granted if collateral such as a life insurance or other valuables can be deposited.

A loan is also often granted if a high-income co-applicant or creditworthy guarantor is available. Often this is especially a condition for housewives, schoolchildren, people with negative Credit Bureau entry, single parents who live on state support and child-raising allowance and recipients of social assistance and Hartz 4 Person is actually asked to pay and the driver’s license test has not been passed. A guarantee is always a matter of trust between the people.

Alternatively, the consideration arises of designing a combination of all funding channels. The lower the loan, the higher the chance of approval and the greater the likelihood of independent repayment. A comparison of the financing offers should not be underestimated.

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